Contouring with Bronzer

I think its safe to say that at one point almost every woman in the world would have liked to look like this. And though styles have changed (eyebrows are, again being worn thick) there is something about a well structured face that pleases the eye, like nothing else can! If you don't recognize the woman in the picture above her name is Ursula Andress.

She was the 1st Bond Girl. She was James Deans girlfriend. She was the whole damn show!

I wasn't born with particularly strong cheek bones. My nose was broken after a mishap (on a Burger King slide) when I was approximently six. Prior to that, I ran into the edge of a coffee table, leaving a scar that would forever alter the shape of my left brow.

By rights, my face should look like a total mess but it doesn't. Through trial and error, I have worked around the maze that is my face. And lately I've dabbled quite a bit into the magic that is contouring! My skin is very dry but also combination through my t-zone. I find powders difficult to blend once applied. They often cause my skin to look dry and my makeup over done. I like the effect of a cream blush but I tend to sweat from my face... wearing any product that is thick causes the sweat to break sooner. Primer? Gel based moisturizer? Setting Spray?

Didn't help.

It doesn't matter how (or when) I set the look with a light or heavy powder. Without fail, I sweat the look off in a matter of hours. I feel as though my face, mistakes makeup for lotion and drinks it. Don't ask me where it goes, I can't tell you! Oddly enough I don't have as much of an issue with foundation.

One layer of liquid on my face can be tolerated. Foundation followed by a layer of cream blush? The answer is no. 

Today I used a full coverage foundation NARS All Day Luminous Foundation followed byMAC's Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden.

I applied and blended the foundation quickly with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush. 

I followed immediately with bronzer, that I applied with a Real Techniques Multi-Task Brush.

*Synthetic brushes are notoriously good for blending cream shadows, foundations blush etc!

I was able to blend the line (created by my bronzer) easily into the foundation creating a natural but noticable difference in the structure of my face. Now, 6 hours later... my makeup remains in place!

Mission accomplished.

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