Kissed by a Luxury Bronzer

When I found this palette I did a little dance. I had never used any of Clarins Cosmetics. The brand name was what grabbed my eye and the beautiful packaging was what sealed the deal. It comes with its own red velvet sleeve!

Graphic Expression Face and Blush Powder Palette

The gold shimmer (see top left corner) is more of a light dust and isn't actually mixed into the powder itself... which was surprising but probably for the best.

I prefer bronzer without any shimmer or glitz because it appears more natural especially when photographed. I'm always looking for a bronzer that's natural, easy to apply and long-lasting. Perish the thought of streak stained cheeks! 

I'm on the fence about this product... It's quality definitely outshines drugstore bronzers and it looks pretty on a vanity, its color is natural but I wouldn't say it's worth $40+. 

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