Milk & Honey Eye Masks

There's so much to learn about skin care! For example; The Satin Smooth Milk and Honey Undereye Lift Masksthat I've been using to help hydrate, moisturize and help diminish fine lines. Why? Cause' I'm old, thats why.

I love these masks. Sometimes I wake up with the worst allergies, looking like a rite mess. I pop these rubbery bits of goodness under my peepers and wahbahm! 10 - 15 minutes later... I'm a new woman. It sounds fantastic until your past the pretty name and researching the ingredients.

It all started because I felt the need to educate myself. I wanted to know what collagen was. For all you other keeners out there, collagen is a protein. The collagen in these masks, is a material derived from the substance found on fish scales.


Oh, but it could be worse!

Some masks use collagen derived from pork. Does that sound gross to you? There's been recent concern that mad cow disease could be spread this way. Now you're afraid! And that is why you always read the fine print! Will I continue using this product? Yes.

Call me what you will, but they work well, they're inexpensive, they don't smell and the skin under my eyes?

It looks fantastic!

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  • Recently i bought dermalmd under eye serums and I have been waiting to try it since long. After a lot deliberation I brought the simple eye serum and being using and I must say I am in love with this serum. Very lightweight and can instantly add it really helped me to get rid of under eye pigmentation

    Ray watson

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