New Accessories!

I realize that summer is a time to fully embrace pastels, and though I love pinks and yellows I've never been a white bag, white shoe, white watch sort of girl. I'm not responsible enough to keep anything white! A white dress? That's an exception. I'll rock a white dress any day.

This forest green, leather bag is from Fossil. I love the simplicity of this piece! I try to buy accessories that are classic and versatile. They stand the test of time and they make getting ready so much easier! The green will pop out nicely against lighter colours and it's so soft! I also love its interior compartments which give you the option of not packing a wallet (the bag looks better without a lot of bulk going on inside) and its removable strap allows it to be worn as a clutch!

It wasn't cheap but it was love at first sight. It's easy to find flattering t-shirts at low prices but cheap bags and shoes always give themselves away. Which is why I was willing to pay more for higher quality.

Bag costs $158

The next item is a pair of sandals that I recently purchased from a store called BoatHouse. They're a black leather, gladiator sandal with braid and sparkle detail. 

I have fairly wide feet so finding shoes that fit is an on-going struggle. I have so much admiration for people who can build outfits. I'm fairly low maintenance when it comes to getting dressed but I try to incorporate my own personality into what I wear. I rarely follow trends. I buy what I like and what suits me from all kinds of shops.

My wardrobe is pretty diverse because of this. These Lyra sandals are super comfy and can be worn from day to night. I would wear these with a girly dress or with jeans. I like to mix feminine pieces with accessories that have a bit of an edge.

Shoes cost $45

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