Shimmer for Me!

A new year means new beginnings. With that in mind I've started to use cream based products, blush and shadow specifically. I'm still using a powder bronzer but thats an entirelly different post. Cream formulas tend to sit nicer on the skin (provided its exfoliated and well hydrated) and blend easily.

I have combination skin (mostly dry, especailly in winter) so I prefer to use cream based products that have a slight powder finish. I find a powder like quality prevents them from creasing. If you're a mature lady you might also find that your skin tends to be drier than ever before if so creams are your new best friend get to know them better. If you follow this blog religiously... *Say you do*.

You should know that I'm not afraid to fork out cold hard cash for a premium product that performs like a life depends on it.

And so I did! I spent it on By Terry.

Ombre Blackstar "Color-Fix" Cream Eyeshadow - $43.00 USD

*Please disregard the lack of polish on my nails, its been a very busy few weeks. Rest assured my hair remains flawless* ;)

Earlier this fall I was obsessed withIllusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadows from Chanel, which has a gel like formula. They are packaged in glass pots, go on like water and look like a high fashion fantasy. Simply put they are show stopping shadows. I wear these at night.

I would not nessecarily reccomend them to anyone over 40 years old. For fear of this happening: 

Don't get me wrong I have the utmost respect for women who don't follow typical fashion rules but this abundance of shadow make the eyes look small and beady and the skin above it (directly below her brow, near the outside of the eye) appears heavy and loose. If you love sparkle use it but as a liner to highlight your eyes.

Too much will excentuate fine lines and sagging. The By Terry option is slightly more expensive but when your shopping for makeup of this caliber, at this price point an additional ten dollars likely won't sway your decision to invest. Here's the difference between the two.

The Blackstar shadow is easier to apply where as you will need a brush (I like to use the Deluxe Crease Brushfrom Real Techniques) to apply cream shadows. The Blackstar packaging is also much lighter and easier to transport. The Chanel pots look beautiful sitting on the vanity... in my home. In terms of performance they're both long lasting. By Terry's formula creased less frequently when I built up layers to increase colour intensity but are less reflective so depending on the look your going for.

Long story short I find the By Terry shadows more user-friendly, practical and wearable on a day to day basis. If you're someone who knows they're not going to take the time to use a shadow brush do not purchase the Illusion D'ombre shadows from Chanel.

Chances are you're not taking the time to wash your hands before you stick the tips of your mitts in the shadow and nothing is more likely to spread bacteria than potted makeup. The colour seen below is named "Beyond Gold". I also love their shadow stick in "Misty Rock". 

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