Vintage Romance

In the late 90's the cast of Dawsons Creek was dressed entirely in American Eagle Outfitters. The women starring in it, were much older than the ages they portrayed, beautiful and wearing MAC cosmetics.

I was an eleven year old, nerd with frizzy hair and a lot of time on her hands. I read InStyle magazine religiously (stolen and hoarded from anyone done reading theirs) and each issue was packed with high-end recommendations.

From that time on, I remained convinced that there was something fabulous going on in places I had never been and as God as my witness I would find a way to be a part of it. I received my first MAC eyeshadow during the spring of 1999. At the risk of sounding dramatic, that matte, blue (cringe! I've got blue eyes) shadow changed my pathetic-preteen life. Peach flavoured lipgloss, Sun-In highlights, an AE Graphic Tee and baby blue shadow meant; I was on my way!

Till this day, I'm a hardcore, die hard MAC Cosmetics shadow fan but I spent all of my allowance not knowing I had other options. For those of you, who are also on a mission to save; Sleek Cosmetics I-Divine Eyeshadows Palettes are a great place to start! 

Two weeks ago I ordered their "Vintage Romance" palette from the UK, applied them with a MAC 217 blending brush and found the pigments and staying power quite impressive!

Colours with a matte finish blend nicely and have a great consitency, unlike other brands that can sometimes look great in the palette but come out dusty or lackluster. I noticed some fall out when applying the shadows with glitter in them but they're pretty, long lasting and a great option when highlighting your brow bone or lining your lids.

I love the variety of colours that come in each palette. Each colour suits the next, they don't crease and are perfect for travel! The aray of colours make it's easy to create a day or night-time look. Provided you have some common sense when it comes to application and colour placement it's virtually impossible to mess up. *Remember high cost does not always equal quality.*

Unless you're using cosmetics from Tom Ford. Everything he makes is gorgeous. If you decide to sell your house in order to afford that... there will be no judgement here!

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