All That Glitters

For as long as I can remember I've been attracted to things that sparkle. There are people who consider jewelry part of their family, their children or their most valued possession. I'm not that person. I do believe that jewelry is very personal. I do enjoy a little glitz but more so a personality that sparkles. I don't mean a person who "lights up the room" the moment they walk in or the person who succeeds in attracting everyone's attention.

I'm talking about the little gem who appears when the light hits them a certain way. A kind of rare personality that can't be taught and is painfully obvious when faked. These people aren't massive yellow, pink, perfectly cut diamonds. Some gems may not particularly enjoy (or go looking for) acknowledgment. They might not see the sparkle in themselves. 

I believe it is up to us to find beauty in the unexpected and to celebrate it. It can be the most simple or bizarre pieces/people who suit you best. Friendships, relationships, and jewelry are all similar in the way that they don't need to make sense to those who see them, in order to work for you.The most unexpected, underappreciated and antiquated jewel in the box could be the one to weather the storm when others fade away.

Those (literally) rock-solid friends are the most beautiful to have on your arm or near your heart... and with that in mind I bring you, a sneak peek of my own personal collection!

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