This month, instead of creating a "beanWishing" post which some of you love and some... love to hate.

I'm shaking things up and about to discuss what I'm fortunate enough to enjoy already!

Buckle up. Some of it is extravagant. It's all about balance no? This is who and what I've beanLoving

Clémence Poésy

A quintessential french bombshell who never tries too hard and hits it out of the park every time. She's also a phenomenal actress.

Red wine is a favourite of mine.

Red Velvet Wine from Cupcake Vineyards is inexpensive, intense and delicious.

I do love myself an import... be it a fragrance or a man. The Wood Sage and Sea Salt fragrance from Jo Malone is my signature scent this winter.

Sometimes I layer it underneath others from the range. My faves are Blackberry & Bay if I want something really fresh or Mimosa & Cardamom if I'm in the mood for something creamy and warm.

Having a gym buddy. Nothing will push you harder and distract you (from the pain) better than a good friend who's fit, funny and supportive!

The majority of the makeup I buy goes on the faces of my clients. When it comes to my own look I keep it very simple. This is plushglass in "Big Baby".

It's from MAC Cosmetics.

I like messy hair and a girl next door look. That way, if you do show up looking like a vamp it shocks the living shit out everybody. Of course, I've never done that... ;)

Signs that I'm getting old? All I care about is staying warm! I was kindly gifted these boots. I love them because they're slightly less "common" than other styles.

I have absolutley no desire to look like every other girl in town. "Are those UGGS?"

Yes. Yes they are.

Ok so I'm not that simple... I use really high-end skin care.

If we meet when I'm 80 and I look exactly the same as I do now... It's due to an almost constant slathering of Embryolisse Lait‐Crème Concentré and genetics. My grandmother looks fantastic.

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