I've received a few messages suggesting that beanWishing is "out of touch"... That, my friends is the point! I don't purchase everything that appears on these lists. I do, dream about them on a regular basis. beanWishing is a confessional piece.

These are (some of) my materialistic sins. If it's not your cup of tea... that's ok. Sometimes I blog about inexpensive things too. Better luck next time ;)

Braunschweiger Residenzschloss is a castle and shopping centre in Germany! Conviently located within walking distance from the home of my future husband, the walk back to his apartment will be "cardio" in the name of good health... and allow me to spend my last twenty euro on makeup rather than a taxi.

Long Hair

I've been working on this for years. I own extensions but they're heavy, they're hot and they'll render you bald after too long. I've achieved the length I have now by washing my hair every other day, using my flat iron less and conditioning with Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche a softening treatment masque for highlighted hair.

A Holiday

I haven't left the country since 2005. That's a decade.

A Spa Pedicure 

Few things give me more satisfaction than looking down at perfectly polished toes.

MAC's Zuca Bag

This bag is an absolute essential for a stylist/makeup artist who travels!

I've recently opened my own business (Primp!) and though a ZUCA doesn't come cheap. I will definetly be investing in one.

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