I like to make lists of things that I'm saving for and obsessed with. This is one of those lists. Sephora Collection Ribbon Hair Ties. I first bought these in 2011 just because I thought they were pretty. What I did not know is that they are the best elastics ever.

They don't snag, they don't leave impressions in the hair, they never snap and break they also look pretty tied around your wrist and come in a multitude of colours. They're fairly inexpensive (especially when on sale) they're hard to misplace, they won't damage your hair and I love them.

Get some!

Cosabella Undies

I'm not going to get into too much detail about this one. My apologies to the creepers out there but my undies are none of your concern. I will say that they're a great brand and a favourite of style mavens across the globe.

Ex. Stylist Rachel Zoe, who wears them and puts her clients in them on the regular.

Pour La Victoire Heels

Some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn were designed by my friend Jenn Allison who, coincidentally worked for Pour La Victoire! This company has some of the sexiest, most beautiful shoes, bags and boots I have ever seen. I don't have a pair yet but it's going to happen! *Jenn now has workshops in Toronto where you can create your own shoes!*

Very cool.

CND Shellac Nail Polish

I have quite the collection already but I am obsessed with Shellac. It's just so easy. My favourite shades are Romantique, Salmon Run and Decadence. I prefer CND Shellac over OPI Gel or any other brands because I find it lasts a lot longer. My next purchase will most likely be a vibrant pink! The perfect shade for summer.

Rag and Bone Boots

Nothing says "I've got good taste and I'm really freakin' cool" like the Newbury Boot. I like both colours Off White and Taupe.

Again, not cheap!

By Terry's Ombre Blackstar "Color-Fix" Cream Eyeshadow in "Beyond Gold"

I've seen this swatched and it looked so beautiful! This product is similar to what Chanel did with their Chanel Illusion D'ombre shadows but might possibly be easier to apply and travel with because it comes in a tube rather than a pot.

Hot Rollers

I had a set during university. No idea where they are now. I remember how much of a difference they made when trying to create extra volume I love really dramatic waves and I'm planning on re-visiting a va-voom, Victoria's Secret, do-me hair look soon.

*Message me on Twitter or Facebook if you know of a particularly great brand!*

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