Heavenly Scented Soaps

Bath & Body Works hand soap is an all-time favourite of mine. They continually introduce new scents that are delicious and original. I have a weakness for anything that smells edible, fresh or beachy. I was also a kid who wore suntan lotion during the entire winter of grade seven because I wanted to smell like a coconut.

There are two options: Foaming Hand Soap or a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (a grittier formula) with "skin-renewing microspheres" that work to exfoliate while washing. I tend to wash my hands a lot so I opt for the foaming hand wash to avoid unnecessary dryness especially during the winter months!

I also love that the Foaming Hand Soaps aren't so much of a gelatin formula that they're down the drain before my hands are clean. They won't leave you with bacteria-laden mitts and pink eye in the morning masked by a smooth, fresh smelling appearance. I've used them after handling raw fish, to remove hair colour from my hands, before and after eating... and here I am! Alive and well.

My favorite scents can be seen in the photo above.

I highly encourage trying a few different soaps at the sinks in their store. Certain scents can be extremely floral, obnoxiously sweet or almost medicinal smelling.  

Others just don't suit my preferences, for example Pumpkin Pecan Waffles was not my cup of tea but who knows... maybe you'll love it.

Tell me your favorites in the comments!

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