Kiss This!

I love the look of a red lip. Wearing one is a different story. Am I mature enough to handle the responsibility of keeping it in place? I'm not but I am enough of a control freak to care if it bleeds. This inner conflict has left me with few options and for the past ten years, I've been a girl who wears nothing but gloss. If you don't understand the tragedy in this... you should definitely subscribe and continue reading.

Somewhere along the line, I (like many) started to feel that if I didn't appear perfect, poreless and pristine I was slacking. That feeling of letting "my viewers" down still lingers but I'm trying to find my confidence. One of my first, small steps in doing so is sporting the occasional red lip!  

Clarins Rouge Eclat in Red Wine works for me. It's sheer, but not sheer enough to fall into the balm or gloss category. It's not matte (thankfully) because I never seem to be hydrated enough to keep a matte lip looking smooth. The formula is hydrating, its scent comparable to a Swedish berry, its finish shimmering and totally capable of being a stain if the mood strikes.

Its packaging is also right up my glamorous grandma's, vintage-inspired alley. There is not as much of a blue undertone in this product as there might be in say MAC's Russian Red Lipstick. I prefer warm, rich shades rather than anything garish or one-dimensional... even if that means my teeth won't appear chiclet white. I'm ok with it.

This will be gorgeous for the holidays! I plan to pair it with a little black dress or a white cable knit sweater and a precise flick of (my favourite) MAC's Teddy eyeliner!

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