Milkmaid Braid

Ever since Valentino debuted their milkmaid inspired updo's on the spring/summer 2012 runway, it’s been all about the braid. This summer is no exception.

This look (shown on our former feature model, Madison) is a modern-day take on Heidi without the sheep or mountains. It's fun, creative and much more interesting than a messy bun. 

This bun is purposely disheveled because of its size and so it doesn't scream: "I spent two hours putting this together hoping you might notice." You wouldn't wear a ball gown to the beach, therefore, your updo needs to be approachable. 

Women of all age groups can wear braids. Don't believe it? Google the name Kelly Rutherford and the word braid. That woman (45 yrs) rocks a braided bun like a champion!

*Not every style of braid suits every woman. Adjust accordingly.

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