Old Hollywood

Sometimes the smallest change can make a huge impact. Caitlin (former feature model) originally intended on only having a trim to freshen up her ends. Yet it was the styling afterward that added an element of glamour that many people often think is impossible to achieve, at home.

After blowing out the hair with a paddle brush (to smooth its texture and enhance natural shine), I began curling medium-sized sections of her hair from the bottom of her head working upwards. I used a flat iron and instead of curling from the root down I curled the midsections of the hair to their ends.

Taking generous sections of hair is what ensures that curls are bigger and more wave-like, instead of being wound tightly into ringlets. The idea is to create waves, definition, and body, not height near the crown, excessive width or spirals. 

Unlike traditional curls that tend to look their best once they start to fall (and after falling look boring, ragged or undone) this look is great until the moment it’s washed out. Depending on your hair type it can also be combed and manipulated easily without losing its style. * Though I recommend that someone with fine hair should not touch or manipulate their waves too much.

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