The Doctor, is in!

I am a long time fan of Dr. Hauschka. The first product I ever tried was their Mascara (when it was sold at Sephora). It gave me the perfect amount of definition, was a true black and smelt so lovely. It was also rumoured to be used by Reese Witherspoon at the time and well... Need I say more?

These days I've transitioned into using their skincare line. It does not disappoint. Each of their products is made up of ingredients that are as naturally derived as possible. They are perfect for sensitive skin and despite their over all gentleness they have a great, almost instant effect no matter your age, skin condition or skin type.

They are quite floral or herbal smelling for the most part (which is not something I normally enjoy) but not too over-powering or headache inducing. I'm using a combination of their products at the moment. Some of which I've mentioned in the past but my newest purchase, which I am loving is Dr. Hauschka's Cleansing Cream$7.00.

I use this product in combination with their Clairifying Facial Toner and Rose Day Cream. It's formula is thick and grainy which eliminates the need for an additional exfoliant. The product gets into my pours (where dirt loves to hide) by sloughing off dead skin.

I have sensitive, combination skin so I always look for a product with granules that are fine and non-abrasive.

*My day cream sinks in beautifully and works to hydrate my skin better, because of this.*

If you want to avoid redness, pre-mature aging or even tiny cuts (that can lead to infections and additional problems) I recommend trying this product.

My skin is glowing!

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