I haven't made a wish list since I was 9 years old. Be sure to let me know what you've got your eye on and where I can find anything that I haven't underlined. *Anything underlined is linked!*

Dinner at Jamie Oliver's FIFTEEN

I love Jamie Oliver. Over the years I've tried to (unsuccessfully) cook many of his recipes. I've decided, that this means someone else needs to cook them for me. Dinner... in Europe… with a tall, funny (and preferably German) date! The chance of maybe seeing Jamie? Be still my heart!

Zip Lining

You read it right. I want to be suspended from a cord while I glide above the tree tops. Please note: my luck is not good. Dining at Fifteen Restaurant is listed first, for a reason. I want to enjoy a good meal before potentially, propelling down, dowwwn... dooowwwwnn to my descent!

Louis Vuitton's Monogram Antheia GM Hobo Bag

This piece (preferably in Olive Green) is more subtle and less common than other styles. It's one of those bags that gets a double take. * It's also no longer available... could it be more desirable?

A Professional Waxing Kit

Is that weird? Not in my industry. Do you know how much the average woman spends (per year) on things like this? My aesthetician says my hair might not be dark enough for laser treatments to work.

I'm not suggesting anyone give themselves a brazilian but I'm sure I could wax my legs without doing any damage. * For any serious waxing I see Brooke or Carolina at "The Ten Spot" (the Beach location) in Toronto and Amy at "Polished" when I'm in North Bay! 

Ted Baker's RUDRA Cascading Floral Ipad Mini Case

There are many legitimate reasons why I NEED this case:

  1. I just bought an IPad Mini
  2. It's gorgeous and matches my cosmetics bag
  3. Everyone should use protection

Paige Jeans

I feel like these jeans were made to torment any man who might see me in them. I saw these first on Kristen Cavallari and assumed (wrongly) that they would be made small. They're not. They're made to fit like nothing has ever fit you before. I've tried on four pairs. I want them in every rinse. Try them and you'll buy them!

An Anti-Gravity Lash Lift

My lashes are already tinted... why not have them permanently curled? According to my research; they use soft silicone pads to lift your lashes from the root. It doesn't sound healthy but it would allow me another few minutes of sleep...

Sleep is so important!

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