Blown Away

I grew up during (what I consider) the absolute worst decade for curly haired women. Anyone who was anyone had pin straight hair, which was often times parted down the center, with zero volume at the root.

It was a harsh look that was difficult to maintain and flattered next to no one. JLo, Christina, Britney, Jessica and Beyonce had the money to afford flat irons. My 14 year old self however, did not.

My lack of resources resulted in my using a curling iron or worse... an oven mitt with a traditional iron to flatten my frizz into oblivion. The smell, the scars and the irreversable damage... I thought I looked fantastic. And who knows, maybe I did!

That was the early 2000s'. Now that times have changed I feel free to let me freak flag fly. In moderation. I prefer a messy, touchable, shimmering style rather than anything frizzy! I firmly believe that anyone can have great hair if they know how to style it. It's not even about using expensive products. Good tools are vital, a great colour is ideal and the rest.... that's about skill bebe!

Watch and learn:

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