Bottom Lash Mascara!

I am very fond of Clinique Mascaras and recently while watching tutorials online ( *some of my favourites are Pixiwoo and Sprinkle of Glitter). I started seeing different mascaras made specifically for bottom lashes. I've talked to a few friends about this who's immediate response is: "what a scam!" but (as per usual) I was still interested. 

There are a few brands that have created wands for bottom lashes. I've never liked MAC's Mascara so I didn't opt for their Extended Play ($17). Clinique's bottom lash formula is $12 (most Clinique Mascaras cost approx. $19) but its bottle is very tiny. I like this wand because its much easier to manipulate and coat even the tiniest lash in the inner/outer corner of the eye.

Unlike large wands, Cliniques Bottom Lash Mascarais less likely to smear on the side of your nose or under your eye while you're applying it.

Its pretty, metallic, floral exterior didn't hurt my feelings either! Like many people, I'm a sucker for nice packaging. Its brush (below) is super tiny which I like because it prevents me from apply too much product. I like my lashes to look long and thick but as natural as possible. My lashes are fairly long and too much product can cause them to tangle together.

A tiny brush that picks up just the right amount helps to prevent a clumpy, spider like appearance but still makes sure they're very black and separated nicely.

The formula itself was fairly fragrant but it hasn't dried out and didn't flake off. I didn't use a primer but my mascara didn't bleed after a day of wearing it. I wouldn't say this is an absolute must for my make-up bag but I really like it.

It helped to enhance lashes I never knew I had and I'm excited to try it while wearing faux lashes.

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