Bye Bye Blow Dry

My hair has been abused for many years. I've been a high-lift blonde, a red head, a brunette and I've flat ironed beyond repair. No amount of trims could save me. I also like to wash it every day. This summer its entered rehab. Which means I'm letting it air dry... a lot. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a blowout fanatic!

I do my own because I'm good at it, but +30 degrees makes turning on a hair dryer feel like torture. As a result I've beanTrying countless different styling products. To be honest, I began my "research" in 1999.

The kids at school had started calling me "Frizz Ball Bean" and I decided something must be done. My parents were not supportive of this project, insisting that my allowance was being wasted. That however... did not discourage me!

The spending continued. In fact, my grade twelve high school yearbook has at least four mentions of my "really great hair."

No big deal though. *Hair Toss*

The moral of this story is that I did what I loved before I knew I loved doing it. My parents are now supportive of my work and those kids from school... They're in their own kind of rehab for entirely different reasons.

This is what I've beanLoving lately: Sebastian Professional Trilliant Sparkle Spray. A heat protectant and shine enhancing spray that doesn't weigh down fine hair or cause it be oily. Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte "Strong Hold Mousse".

To define and expand my natural curl and give volume at the root of the hair. *I make sure my hair is really wet not "damp' when I use this and I comb it through with a wide tooth comb or the result can look like a bad perm*

Swarzkopf Tame Wild 3 Cream. A smoothing, anti frizz styling cream with strong control. Designed to work in no matter how humid it might be outside! *It never leaves my hair crunchy.

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