Cruella Vanilla Deauville

IIf I had the lady balls to wear this colour outside of my house I would be the first to tell you that NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in "Cruella" is worth its $26.00 price tag. The only time that I have ever felt totally assured in a colour similar to this, is on stage. It is in those moments (ironically) that I feel most secure and anything that defines my features and draws the eye closer... I'm all for it!

In every day life I'm plagued by the feeling that vivid red is too much work (is it on my teeth?) and it makes my already full, bow-shaped lips look borderline indecent! A bow shaped lip is a beautiful feature but I don't like to feel confined by my makeup. For those of you who enjoy a matte finish, Cruella is very pretty on its own. It does not bleed whether you've layered a gloss over top or not.

NARS has managed to create a creamy lipstick without a heavy feel, in pencil form. The formula is nourishing so you're never left with a dehydrated feel. I applied a balm over top for a wet look, a la' Marilyn. I figure, if you're going to wear a colour this striking... go all the way and make it glossy!

The foundation on my skin is NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundationin the colour "Deauville". A curious coincidence no? This pencils colour has a blue undertone which helps to whiten the appearance of ones teeth and it was shockingly easy to apply. In the photos you see, I have not used a lip pencil.

Does it kiss off? Slightly, but you'd be hard pressed to find one that doesn't. The colour is long wearing, it kissed off consistently and never appeared splotchy. I was quite pleased with how this came off when (purposely) removed! This pencil didn't seriously stain my lips which great if you plan to transition into say a nude lip, afterwards.

Taking a sip or stealing a kiss will not be a deal breaker! However, if you're planning a romantic evening that could involve a mack attack between you and someone else… try a muted lip balm. They're low risk and non-offensive.

Bioderma makes a fairly inexpensive option that is great! I would pair this colour with a very simple eye. Thin black liner, a respectable feline flick and a sheer wash of shadow.

Ooh la la!

MAC pigment in Vanilla (shown here in the "sized to go" option) would be a gorgeous choice! This pigment has been layered over top of my foundation to show how it might appear on the tops of the cheek or brow bone if used as a highlight.

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