Damage Control!

Now that the warm weather has arrived I'm getting serious about SPF! It's so important and yet I dread using it. It was such a burden to wait while my Mom covered me in lotion before a swim, as a kid.

Luckily, thanks to the old bird herself, I rarely burnt and my likelihood of getting skin cancer (provided I keep up the good work) is considerably lower than it would have been were I allowed to run free, unprotected by the SPF I was slathered in, on an hourly basis. Today, I refuse to wear foundation to the beach. I will not wear a full face pool side.

When the temperature reaches 30 degrees, the last thing I want is to add more layers, onto my already boiling body. Waterproof mascara, sunnies, lip balm and a hydrating lotion specifically designed for my face... that's another story.

Those are a must for me! I've tried all formulas (including the ultra fine, cool mist sprays) that are much less time consuming and efficient but still quite sticky. So because there is nothing more painful than a burn and few things uglier than sun damage; I invested in a high quality lotion with SPF!

Clarins HydraQuenchLotion SPF 15 Normal to Combination doesn't come cheap ($50.00) but I love the results I've been getting! Firstly, it goes on (and stays) matte, which is awesome for those of us slima-phobes. Its ingredients (Pomegranate Extract) might have you feel a slight (painless) tingle but it actually works to tighten your pores while it hydrates your skin.

It also prevents your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin from severely reflecting the light. I've taken many a selfie while wearing this product, without the worry of slick and shiny looking skin. Its formula is ultra light weight, not overly fragrant and doesn't cast any white chalky-ness. Its tiny pump also controls how much fluid is dispensed. I hate wasting anything (especially expensive products) that I'd rather conserve.

It also reduces the risk of spillage happening in your beach bag.

Huge Plus!

For those of you who love the traditional scent of coconut sunscreen this product smells more like herbs and might not be for you.

The SPF is not high and I re-apply this lotion frequently but I like the fact that it allows my face to develop some colour! For those of you ultra fair girls, this is not a good plan... but it's a risk I'm willing to take!

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