Erase Paste

I've read a lot about Benefit's Erase Paste in the past few months and was quite excited to try it. I don't have especially bad under eye circles but oddly enough they seem much more severe to me now when I'm not wearing this. That's not to say that it caused them to become darker but the improvement was so dramatic that now I just don’t want to be seen without it on!

Benefit Cosmetics Erase Paste

A small amount will do the job (which is great) because this product is on the pricier side. Its formula is concentrated (literally a paste) that can sit in fine lines and look heavy if you use too much. I don't like to use this anywhere else on my face other than under my eyes and I wouldn't advise using a powder to set it afterward either. Adding a powder defeats the purpose of brightening the skin and it was too heavy for under the eye. I know this because I tried it.

I'm not usually someone who goes for heavier coverage than they need. The result I found with a powder finish was dry and cakey looking. Who wants that? No one. The product stays in place fairly well on its own but avoid applying the paste too close to your bottom lid as that can cause liner and or mascara to bleed.

Erase Paste is almost comparable to stage make-up. It's thick, feels oily and really does the job. No 1. in Fair was a perfect match for my skin tone and I found applying it with the pad of my ring finger the most efficient way to blend it into my skin. 

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