My Hair Care Routine

I was at Shoppers trying to buy a toothbrush last night when after helping multiple strangers decide which conditioner was the least crappy I realized... I should explain how I take care of my hair! I don't change products unless I notice that they're no longer working. I recently incorporated Olaplaex Step 3 into my routine to help prevent damage between salon visits. I work at a salon so I have no excuse... having good hair is part of my job. I use it every time I shampoo (instead of once a week).

I also get a trim every 6 weeks and balayage every 3- 4 months. I avoid shampoo with sulphate for health reasons. I like that squeaky clean feeling you'll get from regular shampoo. That same feeling is what strips your hair until it's so dry that it breaks. It took time to adjust. I use Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash & Rinse or Mixed Chicks Sulphate Free Shampoo. Both formulated for colour treated hair and suit multiple hair types.

I wash my hair every second day. I wish I could go longer but I'm not someone who looks good in grunge and I know it. I never condition my roots because they don't need it. Few hair types do. I blowout my hair at night in small sections. I use a large barrel brush to achieve the volume I like. I only comb my hair when it's wet. 

Moroccan Oil makes great brushes (that never snag) with ends that allow you to section your hair easily.

Then I sleep on it and wear it messy the next day! Someone once told me the messy look implicates "inappropriate things" I've worn it that way ever since. When I let my hair dry naturally I use Sebastian Mousse Forte and Schwarzkopf Bouncy Curls (only available in Professional Salons).

Then I blow out a few face framing pieces to avoid looking like I have a bad perm. If I don't use the right products and tools... I look homeless.

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