Prime Time

I'd like to begin by saying I had bangs for eight years. The struggle was real and I would (probably) never go back to having them, again.  They always seem to grow faster than the rest of your hair. They get dirty easily, its obvious when they do and to those who have natural curls... Say a prayer that no one cuts your fringe too short or that you go anywhere near humidity.

That's a whole other nightmare. I touch my hair a lot. I like to be able to feel what its doing up there on my head and partly out of nervous habit. Because of that it gets dirty quickly. I work a lot so I don't have a lot of time to spend blowing my hair out.

That being said I won't leave the house with bad hair. If you see me out with bad hair, you can be sure something very traumatic has happened. It's my thing. I don't smoke or use drugs. Do not judge me for this. I wash my hair quite a bit so you can be sure I fully tested this product before reviewing it.

I have a lot of hair and its curly. I grow it long because my face looks better that way. The weight/length also decreases it's natural pouf. When I found out that Sali Hughes (British Journalist and Makeup Guru) was loving Living Proof's Style Extender I quickly checked if it was carried by Canada's Sephora and ordered it.

Sali knows her shit. She reccomends products I've never heard of before anyone's ever heard of it. I ordered the 2 oz tube because even though nearly everything Sali recommends is amazing I'm always worried that it might not work for me. Sali and I are not the same woman. We lead different lives, with different hair but...

This product is actually great. Living Proof claims that it's powered by their “miracle molecule”. It cuts my drying time in half. I find it helps my hair to maintain that voluminous look that a proper blowout with a large barrel brush can give you.

*Provided you do it right. Learn how to blow out your hair here: Gisele Bundchen Hair Tutorial 

Its scent is extremely light and fresh. I use it on its own after washing my hair. I find there is no need to use additional products with the Style Extender. My hair is easily tangled now that its long but this product works to detangle and it never leaves my hair crunchy (like gel can) or oily at the root ( sometimes with serum).

It's basically fool proof. It helped to keep my hair from looking dirty for a few hours longer than usual, but not days. Sali Hughes if you're reading this please disregard my spelling and grammar.

*P.s I love you, do call me if you ever want to hangout*

I wouldn't recommend this to someone looking for a product to help them "wash and go". This is for people who style their hair and want to maintain a look that they like. If you want something that allows you to "wash and go" you should be using a texture enhancing cream or shaving your head.

Wash and go... vom. Not on my watch!



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