Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

In the past few months (away from the pollution that plagues Toronto) I've had the time, cash and energy to experiment with different brands and formulas. Most recently I've been focused on my skin. Once you start using face makeup it's difficult to go back to a completely bare face without feeling lackluster. There are some women who can go without and feel fabulous. That’s fantastic just not a group I feel inclined to join.

I absolutely love the look of full coverage (provided it doesn't look overdone). I don't love applying it. If my makeup is too heavy my face will sweat intolerably. Which is why I've spent the majority of my life avoiding everything except for lipgloss, mascara and shadow. But if theatre school and summer stock products taught me one thing its that nothing stands out better than a well-painted face!

I'm a fan of applying foundation with a sponge. I love a seamless, airbrushed like quality when it comes to wearing foundation. I want a natural complexion but I also want to look ahmazing. Can a girl have both? The answer is yes. You just need to know how to get there.

*In the photo above I used MAC's Face and Body Foundation & a light dusting of Studio Fix in C3. With the exception of concealer (I use ELF and Rimmel).

I don’t buy foundation or powder from the drugstore. It's not snobbery! I save more money buying the select few products that I know, work than buying (and tossing) cheap ones that won't. Then, if you factor in the skin care products/ visits to the dermatologist you'll need to fix whatever damage/congestion the cheap ones can cause ... you've spent more than you would have, had you bought the higher-end brand! 

This is why I recently purchased Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Sponges can be expensive, not just the sponge itself but also the makeup they absorb. And because I'm investing $30+ per product I'm not willing to let them go to waste! This however, is not your typical thirsty sponge. It's not going to drink your products. Its shape allows you to cover hard to reach places without needing to apply excessive pressure on the skin. You can squeeze the sponge for a heavier application. No skill needed. I love that!

I like its soft, flat edge that I feel isn't causing any damage to the skin under my eyes which everyone (should) know, is extremely delicate! I'm fair skinned and I tend to go somewhat blue under my eyes, so I use a light but substantial amount of concealer to hide it. And its precision tip allows you to apply concealer on the blemishes you'd rather the world not know you have!

I've yet to find a foundation brush that I like or am able to use without finding streaks in my application so this sponge works perfectly for me.

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