Say "Goodbye, Bag Lady"

As you might have noticed, I’ve been missing in action for a while. I started a business and like anyone who works a lot and sleeps a little, it’s taken a toll. Is it worth it? Absolutely. If you have the skills, the savings and the balls to start your own business I highly recommend that you do. The bags and darkness under my eyes go to prove that creating something is not for the lazy, the unsure or the faint of heart. So be prepared for it.

This post is for those who need to at least appear rested and ready while our business (and or maybe our lives) are still coming together.

When I wake up looking like a slaggy mess, fearful that my clients might think I’ve been raving all night, I use Skyn Iceland Eye Gels.

This is not my first rodeo with eye pads. I’ve used a few. I’m a busy woman. From the moment I wake up I’m moving and I’m working. During the ten minutes that they’re left to work their magic, I am on the phone trying to secure agreements, making coffee, applying makeup and blowing out my hair. It sounds glamourous. It's not. 

Skyn Eye Gels are my favorite thus far because they don’t move. Not only do they work to decrease the puffiness (dehydration) but also the darkness vanishes completely.

For those of you who appreciate brands who don’t participate in any form of animal cruelty (some of which I’ve previously reviewed on this blog) these gels are completely vegetarian. They do not contain collagen from fish or other animals. They go on cold but I’ve never experienced any pain or stinging from them, they're odourless and not overly saturated in product, which is why they don’t slide down my face while I’m wearing them.

I can’t personally speak to how they work on fine lines because I’ve only just started to develop a few but I do know women (over 40) who are loving them as well. For example, actress Julie Benz (of Dexter) is 43 and often seen on instagram wearing Skyn Eye Gels in preparation for professional shoots.

I'm unsure of their long term benefits. I can tell you that the entire range is paraben free and the results I've gained lasted all day.

I wouldn't use these gels as a preventitive measure or to replace a high end eye cream but they are an absolute essential on the morning of your wedding, if you've just had a baby or the morning after a few too many cocktails.

They cost approximently $30.00 for 8 packs of two in local drugstores.

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  • My under eye dark circles were very intense I have tried many and I creams but nothing really worked on my dark circles so my father got me dermalmd Under eye serum it help me to get rid of puffiness and pigmented under eyes I highly recommend this product.

    Ray Watson

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