Stay Smooth

Oil scares me. There are multiple reasons for this. When I think of oil, I think of either dirt or excessive heat and when you combine those ideas with the word hair ... my immediate response is no. If I apply oil to my hair and then use a 410-degree flat iron... how is that going to nurture my strands and not cook them?

I've used many oils that resulted in my hair being stuck so closely to my head that friends asked if I was either trying to bring back grunge or if I'd been dumped. Needless to say, grunge is not something I could sport attractively. 

When my hair was blonde, oils were turning my strands a not-so-lovely shade of green. I switched to Moroccan Oil's Smoothing Lotion and the discolouring did not continue but despite my hair being thick and dry, the lotion resulted in my needing to shampoo every day... dry shampoo would not suffice.

Sometimes there's only time for dry shampoo! No one wants to go anywhere weighed down by product, desperate to find a way to hide how bad it looks! No amount of dry shampoo could break through the oil or the lotion! Dirty looking hair is not a risk I'm willing to take. 

So when my fine-haired friend adamantly assured me that AG's The Oil was her favourite product I was shocked. I bought it mostly out of disbelief and because it was on promotion. I have to admit it's the best oil I've tried.

I also believe it's the most foolproof for those of you who aren't professional stylists. I avoid the roots when using it (of course) but the colour of my highlights was not affected while it was on. Its scent is not overpowering but light and pretty (AG specializes in products that smell amazing).

I didn't see as much shine from it as I did from Wella's Luxe Oil but I liked the consistency (not heavy) and its packaging is fantastic. This is not a product that’s going to open, break or take up all the room in your bag. The Oil is fairly pricey but it promises to smooth and it does. 

* The company itself is also Canadian and cruelty-free! All good things!

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