Stila's Custom Colours

Normally I am not someone to go heavy on the blush. It can easily end up looking fake or clown like and my cheeks are prominent enough. I don't feel the need to accentuate them too much. I do love a good bronzer and/or highlight to contour, so in the summer months I try to find a light-weight product in a colour that combines the best of both worlds.

When I first came across Stila's Self-Adjusting Blush I was skeptical. I've tried a lot of self-adjusting lip colours and glosses and I have never found a brand that turns into a colour I like or have felt comfortable wearing. Stila gives you two options Self-Adjusting Coral or Sheer Pink. The sheer pink does not look sheer in its packaging. It looks a vivd shade of crazy.

Please note, I swatched "Sheer Pink" and it is quite sheer and not freaky when applied. I chose to purchase the coral tone for the following reasons.

Most importantly, it looks awesome on!

It has a reddish, natural tan, tinge which I love. It doesn't leave my skin looking orange or muddy but still has a vivd, healthy glow. It has a micro-fine gold shimmer which I either love or hate, in this case I love it because it is so finely mild and it doesn't look chalky or sit artificially on my skin. This is a highly pigmented formula and like many powdered blush it's not easily blend-able. I use a fine, even amount applied with a medium sized fluffy brush, (right now I'm using a Lise Watier Blush Brush) and slowly build it up. (* If you're someone with a heavy hand or find it difficult to achieve a natural look without blending, you might be better suited for Stila's Convertible Colour Blush. It's just as beautiful and pigmented but a cream formula and slightly more expensive*).

One thing I would recommend is using a powder after applying foundation and/or concealer and before applying the blush. I have a few minor blemishes at the moment and found that it would cling and develop into a slightly darker colour on the spots (that I'm trying to hide) when my concealer wasn't dusted, lightly with a translucent powder first.

I like to use an inexpensive, drugstore option from Rimmel called "Stay Matte" in 001Translucent. In terms of its longevity, I am very impressed.

This blush stays in place and wears beautifully, fading slowly and consistently in all areas of my face (cheeks, temples and chin) despite all different weather conditions!

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