What a Rush!

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like a bit of iridescence! Which is why I picked up this Color Rush loose shadow from Quo in "Opal". There are quite a few things I like about this shadow (excluding its packaging), which seems great until you accidentally drop, shake or tip it slightly. If that happens, be prepared for everything in the near vicinity to be covered in a cloud of fairy dust. * See Picture Below.

Once applied, the shadow stays in place fairly well with minimal fall down (impressive) considering it's not compressed into any sort of palette! It maintains its dignity without sinking into the crease of the eyelid. Its effect is subtle. It could be used as a highlighter on the brow bone or even on the body.

Its consistency is even and would be nearly impossible to mess up unless used excessively. This would be a great gift for anyone who is new to makeup. It truly is a light powder not chalky or pasty (a nice change from most shadows with a shimmery finish). 

And it has no scent. Why shadow or mascara would need a scent, I'll never know! Though I do love whatever fragrance is in Diorshow Iconic Mascara. Mmm! Decadence. ;)

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