Kim Bean is a professional hair & makeup artist, nail tech and creator of Primp, a beauty, fashion and lifestyle brand (based in North Bay Ontario Canada). Kim started her business (then a YouTube channel) in 2014, creating videos about beauty, style and her work in film and television. Today Kim works on film and tv sets in addition to doing hair and makeup for weddings and commercials. Many of the products Kim loves to use on set (and in the salon) are available for purchase in her online shop! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit photos of my work to be featured on your page? 

Yes. If you have created or re-created something that relates to a topic or product I've blogged about feel free to share it (under the photo it relates to) on my Facebook page! I'd love to see what you've bean up to ;) Email:

Do you talk to your followers?

Yes. If you have a question that hasn't been answered or you'd like to suggest/share something the lines are open!

Do you have videos?

Yes. You can find me on YouTube!

Are you paid to recommend these products?

No. You can rest assured that you're reading my honest opinions. I only refer to businesses whose products I've worked with personally and that I believe in.

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You may have seen some of my work in movies and TV shows.