Multi-Gem Mala Bracelet

Multi-Gem Mala Bracelet

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This one of a kind piece was created and designed by hand in Ontario Canada. It is individually knotted on silk thread for added security.

Sandalwood: stimulates the base Chakra - believed to enhance trust and self-identity. It promotes energy and enthusiasm. 

Moonstone: a reminder to trust our intuition. Wearing this white stone can inspire balance and harmony in life and relationships. 

Rudraksha: these beads are believed to provide inner calm, peace, and free one from negative thought. 

Apatite: a stone worn for courage and confidence in pursuing one's goals.  It is meant to inspire the wearer to live their truth. 

Jasper: a stone of balance, known to harmonize the heart chakra. It's believed to help boost the immune system and aid in the detoxification of the body.

Sterling Silver: a reminder for self-observation and self-love.