Tiny Galaxies Rainbow Glitter Teardrops

Tiny Galaxies Rainbow Glitter Teardrops

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Teardrop resin earrings are made with tiny, multicoloured confetti in resin. They are intricately made in a multi-step process which includes mixing, curing, and hand sanding two times, and each pair will be unique! Earrings measure 1.25 inches or 31mm (entire length of the earring)

  • Earring backs are finished by sanding smooth and then varnished with a clear gloss - they do not look the same as the front of the earring.

  • Handmade ear hooks are nickel free! A rubber back is provided with each earring.

  • Each pair varies slightly from the pair shown, as they are all handmade, but all pairs will resemble the example.

  • Resin is very lightweight, you won't even feel these on your ears!